# Anime

# Streaming

Unofficial - TheIndex

Official - /r/anime list of legal streams

Streaming sites require no setup and are convenient. However, they heavily compress video and may have ads. Aiming for compatibility, they are also unable to use efficient codecs like x265. If data limits are a concern, torrenting x265 mini encodes from Nyaa is a better option. Here is a comparison between mini encodes and most popular streaming sites - https://slow.pics/c/pjYaqdnr.

Official streams have better quality, but are also larger (~1.3GB per episode for 1080p). They can be obtained by torrenting from groups like SubsPlease, who rip untouched official streams.

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# Torrenting

Torrent files can be found and downloaded from trackers like nyaa.si. Use GoodbyeDPI or follow this tutorial to unblock sites.

The downloaded .torrent file or the magnet link has to be opened in your torrent client - qBittorrent for PC and LibreTorrent/Flud for Android. After the download is complete, the torrents do not need to be removed from the client.

The speed is dependent on the number of seeds and their connection quality. You can connect to more seeds and improve speeds with port forwarding. You may want to use a VPN or a seedbox for downloading torrents to avoid receiving a copyright infringement notice from your ISP.

Advantages of torrents include access to more options with better quality/size ratios, and automation through RSS or Sonarr.

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# Playback

PC: MPV, MPC-HC, Potplayer

Android: mpv-android, VLC for Android

iOS: Outplayer, VLC for iOS

TV/Media Servers: Kodi, Plex, Jellyfin

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