# Prerequisites

This guide will use qBittorrent and the SubsPlease RSS feed as an example. The process should be similar for other clients and feeds.

# Enabling RSS

  1. In qBittorrent, enable RSS Reader from the View menu on the toolbar. A new RSS tab will appear next to Transfers.
  2. Navigate to Tools -> Options -> RSS and
  3. Check Enable fetching RSS feeds and Enable auto downloading of RSS torrents.
  4. Set Feeds refresh interval to 15 minutes.

Qbittorrent RSS
Qbittorrent RSS

# Adding the RSS feed

  1. Choose the resolution that you want to download and copy the corresponding link from https://subsplease.org/rss-feeds/. For example - https://subsplease.org/rss/?t&r=1080
  2. Go to the RSS tab in qBittorrent and click New subscription
  3. Paste the link you copied and click OK.

# Setting up download rules

To set up the seasonal anime that you want to download, follow the steps below:

  1. At the top-right of the RSS tab, click on RSS Downloader.

  2. In Download Rules, press the file icon (next to the trash can icon). Pick a name for your filter (anything works).

  3. Change the textbox Must Contain: to the title of the anime you need to download. Use the Japanese title of the show, as SubsPlease only offers the anime in their original title. For example, Kimetsu no Yaiba.

  4. In the textbox Must Not Contain:, write batch to avoid downloading the batch when the season ends.

  5. If your filter works, you'll see the entries under Matching RSS Articles.

  6. Optional: Check Save to a Different Directory and choose the download directory for the episodes.

  7. Check SubsPlease RSS under Apply Rule to Feeds.

Qbittorrent RSS Rules
Qbittorrent RSS Rules

# Advanced

  • Erai-raws is an alternative for SubsPlease. They are sometimes inconsistent and late but they fix certain issues with subtitles that are left unfixed in subsplease. Exclude "v0" releases with the "Must not contain:" filter to avoid duplicated downloads.

  • If you want something smaller try searching Nyaa for mini encoders like Judas or ASW. Clicking the RSS button on these pages gives you the required link for a particular uploader, doing the same on the homepage gives you an RSS feed of everything on nyaa.

  • Alternatively, check out this guide for a better way of automating downloads and tracking synced with your Anilist account.