# Usenet

# Getting started

You will need 3 things at a basic level before you can download anything:

  • A usenet provider, which will provide servers to download content from. You have to pay for one and many offer in-bulk deals (yearly) which can average out to as low as 3-4 USD a month.
  • An NZB indexer, this is where you will get your .nzb file. An .nzb file is akin to a .torrent file in that it contains a map pointing to the location of the content that you want to download. These can be paid, free, public or private. Just like torrents, private ones are better than the public ones. Indexers usually have a heavily limited free tier and you'll have to pay for full functionality.
  • SABnzbd, which is a download client, into which you will feed your .nzb files in order to begin downloading your desired content. Make sure to put your SABnzbd behind a strong password.


A file that contains the computed parity bits from a source file. PAR files are generated from Usenet archives that have been broken into multiple files because of file size limitations on news servers. A PAR file would allow the complete archive to be reconstructed if one of the files became corrupt. PAR files can also be used to verify the integrity of the complete archive. Your download client, such as SABnzbd, will automatically repair or attempt to repair broken files using par files after download.

# Anime Tosho

Anime Tosho is a free, completely automated service which mirrors most torrents posted on TokyoTosho's anime category, Nyaa.si's English translated anime category, and AniDex's anime category (filtered) onto various file hosting (otherwise known as 'DDL') services, as well as Usenet.

Anime Tosho is an amazing source to download weeklies via usenet. To use it, simply click the NZB button under the release title to download the .nzb file which you can then add to your SABnzbd and it'll start downloading.

Animetosho NZB download
Animetosho NZB download

You can also directly copy the link and paste it in SABnzbd, similar to how magnet links work in torrent clients.

Animetosho NZB link
Animetosho NZB link

# SeaDex

SeaDex lists all the best releases for specific anime for you to download and enjoy. SeaDex releases which are under 16GB can be found on Anime Tosho while the rest are posted by [email protected] which you can find here.

# Searching Indexers

You can use either Prowlarr or NZBHydra2 to search several Indexers together instead of searching them one by one.

# Uploading to Usenet

You can use either of the following to upload to usenet.

A provider is required to upload, however we recommend that you purchase an account anonymously with crypto, and upload using a VPN.

# Uploading with ngPost

Download the appropriate version for your OS from the above link, the file ending with x64_setup.exe if you're using Windows

After installing, you'll want to edit the config file before you open the GUI, otherwise your settings will not be saved between sessions.

Go to the install location, open ngPost.conf with a text editor, and set the following values:

# Config options

nzbPath: Where you want the .nzb files to be saved after the upload is complete

GROUPS: The usenet groups you wish to upload to, we recommend a.b.boneless as a default

obfuscate: Uncomment this section if you wish to obfuscate your uploads, see below.

TMP_DIR: Folder where rar and par files will temporarily be stored during the upload process

# Provider details

host: Your usenet provider address, for example news.eweka.nl

port: The port given, usually 563 for SSL and 119 for normal

ssl: Keep as true if your port is 563, otherwise set to false

user/pass: Self explanatory

connection: Limit according to your internet capabilities, recommended to start with 8

Now you've setup the config file, open the GUI with ngPost.exe, which should be filled with all the values you just set

To upload files, simply select Auto Posting, drag all your files into the window below, and click Generate Posts.

Compress should be un-ticked unless you need to preserve folder structure, as it allows for faster creation and downloading of NZBs

Article's obfuscation should be un-ticked if you want your uploads to be easily accessible without the need for your NZB file

ngPost GUI
ngPost GUI

Once the upload has finished, you'll be left with the NZB file in the directory you chose earlier.

# Usenet Providers and Backbones

Usenet Providers and Backbones
Usenet Providers and Backbones

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