# Streaming FAQ

# How do I request my site to be put on the index?

You can do so by go to our Discord and fill in the form in the #index channel.

# Do I need a VPN to stream ?

No, you do not need a VPN to stream content from streaming sites,

# Where can I find X? What app has X? What's the best X?

If you're looking for a streaming site or app, check out the index. If you're looking for a torrent, check Nyaa. These types of posts violate our subreddit rules and will be removed. If you still can't find the answer you're looking for, or looking for a service with some specific feature, these questions are allowed in our Discord server.

# Which official streaming sites are available for me?

This depends on which region you are in due to licensing. /r/anime offers an extensive list on their wiki of what streaming services are available for which regions.

# Which websites offer subs/dubs, downloads, 320/480/720/1080p, or are ad-free?

Please refer to TheIndex. We have a comprehensive list of over 200+ sites and their features.

# I really like but it reeks of ads. How do I get rid of them?

Use uBlock Origin (recommended) or AdGuard AdBlock. Both are browser extensions that can be found on the plugin store of Google Chrome and Firefox.

# Is X streaming site safe? Can it harm my PC?

You're always taking a gamble when using sites. Do your research about the site you're using.

# Where can I stream 4K/BD quality anime?

Nowhere. Only a handful of anime has been produced at 4K and no unofficial streaming site would be capable of bearing the load of streaming 4K/BD quality anime. If you're interested in this type of content, you will have to torrent it.

# Are there any apps for Android and iOS?

Please refer to TheIndex in the 'Application' section for a list of apps on various platforms.

# Is X app trustworthy? Can it harm my phone/tablet?

You’re always taking a gamble when sideloading apps on your phone. Do your research about the app you're installing.

# Site X is dead, site Y is no longer ad-free but the index says otherwise. How do I suggest an edit?

Same process applies, go to the #index channel in our Discord and leave us a message.

# Why is there no OP/ED playing for a particular anime on a streaming site?

Streaming sites use torrent releases as a source. Sometimes they get a release with ordered chapters/linked mkvs. Since these are meant to be downloaded, the op/ed come as a separate file and automatically play inside each episode at the correct time. This can be fixed by combining them back into a single file, but streaming sites will rarely make the effort. If you want the complete experience with OP/EDs, check out the ordered chapters section here for more information about them and ways to fix it

# Where do unofficial streaming sites get their streams from?

They get them from release groups like Erai-raws or Subsplease who rip official streams from Crunchyroll, Funimation, VRV etc. Some sites may do their own rips, and many re-encode these streams to get a smaller size. For older anime which have a BD release, some sites may switch to that as a source for better quality.

Note that these "rips" are not screen captures, they're unaltered WEB-DLs. You can find them on Nyaa or release group sites.

# Why are the subtitles for this anime on streaming site X different from site Y or torrent Z?

It depends on which source is used by different streaming sites. The most common one is subtitles from the official stream. Fansubbers often take this as a base and improve upon it by adding effects, translating signs and making edits. Some sites may be using these fansubs as a source. For more information - Quality - Fansubs.