# General FAQ

# Can I link to sites, torrents, or direct download links?

All subreddits are governed by the Reddit Content Policy which means we have to be careful with what we allow in order to keep our subreddit from being shutdown.

  • You may reference sites by name with or without the top level domain (many sites have a similar name with a different TLD), but we ask you do not link to them.

  • You may reference torrents by their ID (the string of numbers at the end of the URL) but we ask you do not link them.

  • We ask you refrain from linking direct download (Drive, Mega, OneDrive, etc.) links on our subreddit.

Attempting to bypass our link filters will result in a ban.

# What are those strings of numbers I keep seeing?

Torrent releases are referenced by their ID in a similar vein to nHentai releases, think 177013 for example. You can find the torrent's release ID at the end of the page's URL.

# Is X illegal?

If you're accessing or downloading content from unauthorized sources, regardless of the method of delivery, you're more than likely engaging in copyright infringement.

Utilizing the BitTorrent protocol and peer-to-peer (P2P) networks is not inherently illegal.

The legality of accessing or downloading copyright infringing material depends on your local laws but is illegal under most jurisdictions.

# I'm having issues with X, help?

Seek help in the proper channels of the respective service (Discord, forums, etc.). We are not the appropriate platform for these types of submissions. These types of submissions violate our subreddit rules and will be removed.

This also applies to feature suggestion posts for apps and services.

# Where can I download smaller sized episodes?

For those low on data or storage, HEVC mini encodes on Nyaa are the best option. In terms of quality, they'll be equal to or often better than streaming sites. Simply search anime name hevc in the category Anime - English Translated on Nyaa and sort by seeds. The most common release groups doing these are - Judas, Akihito, Ember, DB, and Cleo.

# Where can I find subbed/dubbed anime?

Streaming sites usually have (dub) in the title to differentiate dubs, the default version without a (dub) tag is the subbed one.

Nyaa and torrents have something called dual audio where the mkv files include both japanese and english audio with accompanying subtitle tracks. All the dubs you'll find on Nyaa are dual audio. If it doesn't say dual audio then it's sub only.

# How long will I have to wait for the newest anime episode to be available on streaming sites and torrents?

For a direct rip from Crunchyroll/Funimation, expect it to be less than 5 minutes for torrents and 20 minutes to 1 hour for streaming sites. High quality fansubs can take up to a few days depending on the group doing it.

# Website X is blocked in my country/by my ISP, how do I bypass it?

Not every block is implemented the same, so the only way to figure out is by trial and error.

  • If it's a DNS-based block, you may have success by simply changing your DNS servers to ones that aren't controlled by your ISP.

  • If it's a deep packet inspection (DPI) block, you may have some success with DPI circumvention tools such as GoodbyeDPI or PowerTunnel.

  • Otherwise, a VPN with servers in a country without censorship blocks will usually work. Refer to our VPN FAQ section for more information.

# Where can I download high quality anime soundtracks?

# I don't like downloading, are there any streaming/podcast sites?